TA Services needed a quickly created video on a budget, so shooting footage was not an option. I created this motion graphic piece to explain how TA Services works for potential customers.

I created this motion graphic video based on an infographic from ExactTarget. They were unable to give us the original artwork, so I had to re-create it from scratch in Adobe Illustrator. Final animation was done in Apple’s Motion software.

We created a series of animated videos to help show how Superheat’s smarter way of heat treatment process and technology could benefit potential customers. Due to the short time period we had to produce the piece, the cost of traveling to shoot footage, and their customer’s hesitance to allow a video crew into their facilities for privacy and safety purposes, an animated video approach was used. We created a “full” version that quickly outlined all the talking points, which is the video you see here. We also broke out the four main competitive advantages into their own videos for targeted use on websites/landing pages and YouTube re-marketing ads. Those can be seen here: Cost, Quality, Risk, Time

I created this motion graphic video for a SAAS company.

Ray’s Trash is not only a Fat Atom client, but also a big supporter of the Indianapolis Indians. They wanted something fun and fitting when it was time for the Kiss Cam at the stadium, so I created these motion graphics that are still in use today.

The demo reels I create for Fat Atom contain a lot of varied motion graphics – animating of websites, 3d animation, screen captures, lower thirds, on screen graphics, etc. You can watch them all on YouTube in this demo reel playlist. Note: I did not create all the motion graphics in these, but I did make most of them – ask me if you would like more specifics.