My demo reel highlighting work from the past 6 years. Includes work for Fat Atom, Fat Atom clients, and freelance clients. At a minimum, I either directed, shot, edited or created (in the case of the motion graphics) everything shown. Usually all of the above.

The latest demo reel I created for Fat Atom. All of the video production pieces were shot and edited by me, as well as the 2d and 3d motion graphics.

I wrote, produced, directed and edited a series of safety videos for LINC Systems. They asked for a short trailer that they could show their salespeople at a company meeting to get them excited about the new safety program.

This is a clip from the full safety video I wrote, produced, directed and edited for LINC Systems. It’s the opening introduction and shows the style and format for the rest of the video.

I created this video for Indiana Limestone Company to show off their new SIMEC stone cutting and polishing line shortly after it was installed in their facility in Oolitic, IN.

I co-wrote, produced, cast, directed and edited four ads for Indiana Limestone Company as part of the Mother Nature Disagrees campaign Fat Atom created for them. We shot all four in one day at a studio in Indianapolis. I hired a cameraperson with a RED One cinema camera and audio technician so I could concentrate on directing the actors, hair stylist, and makeup artist. You can see the two other completed spots here: Durability, Aesthetics. The fourth spot was not completed by client request.

I’ve created many demo reels for Fat Atom. I shot the opening and closing scenes specifically for this demo reel. The particular reel contains photos I shot and then animated, websites that I animated for the reel, photography I shot, a 3d animation I created to explain digital marketing results and several, animations I created for the big screens at Victory Field, and much more. You can also check out some of the other demo reels I created: Winter 2016, Fall 2015, or go to the Fat Atom YouTube channel for others (note: I did not do all the work in these, as I had an assistant for about a year and half; I did assemble all of the demo reels however).

I co-shot, directed and edited this TV show opening parody as a promotional and YouTube retargeting ad video for Fat Atom. These TV show opening parodies were a hit and we received great feedback from them, so we did several more. They started with The Office, M.A.S.H. was second, and Parks & Recreation was the latest.

This video was created on an ultra-low budget for a Fat Atom client. We shot it in a co-workers house, called in favors to find someone with a motorcycle, and hired friends and neighbors as the cast. I co-wrote, produced, shot and edited this piece.

When Fat Atom started working with Westfield Steel, they wanted a video to show potential customers as well as potential new hires what Westfield Steel was all about. I co-wrote, shot and edited this brand story video.

We wanted to create a video that Superheat could show their employees that would give them a little taste of who we are at Fat Atom, and to explain how we were going to be their marketing department, not just an outside agency. Planned in one day and shot the following week on a Sony A7RII and DJI Ronin. Completed the editing the following day in FCPX. We were told the folks at Superheat loved it.

In spring of 2016, I acted as Creative Director on a project that included researching, writing, shooting, and editing five brand videos for 5 different companies. I also directed and co-shot all of them, and edited two of them (this one and Latham Pools). This project had to be completed, from start to finish, in a little over two months, which included travel to Toronto, Vancouver, and Texas. We completed all of them successfully, with great feedback from all five companies. Two of the other videos can be seen here: Carson Air, Gyptech

I directed, shot most of, and edited this video for Indiana Limestone Company to entice architects to visit their quarry for a tour.